I’m not a huge fan of shopping in general but jeans are in the top 3 list of least fun items to shop for. 

You can spend so many hours, try several different stores, and still….

Finding the right fit, the right level of comfort, at the right price can completely allude to you.  The entire process can be defeating, frustrating, uncomfortable, and maddening.  It can cause you to doubt and cast insecurities about yourself far beyond what any amount of fabric should be capable of.

This is also how the financial world can feel for people.

Financial institutions (and if we’re being really honest here, most of corporate America) seem to “fit” one, very narrow type of personality.  Competitive, “professional”, aggressive, efficient, fast, and stoic….among other things.

Financial broadcasts have numbers running along the bottom of the screen much like ESPN does when updating the scores of a particular sport being played that day.  Again, all in appealing to a narrow set of personality traits.


  • Beating the benchmark
  • Maximizing return
  • Becoming a millionaire (multi-millionaire, or billionaire)

Have never appealed to you, you aren’t alone. 

The industry was built as one-size-fits-all and is uncomfortable for anyone else. 

No worries, not your jeans.  Frustrating?  Yes.  But it doesn’t have to be a showstopper and it certainly shouldn’t cause you to question your value or worth.

Keep shopping around, and don’t let the “big box” stores pressure you into ill-fitting strategies.  More and more shops are becoming available for all shapes and sizes, a comfortable fit is out there for you, don’t settle for less. 

Be kind to yourself and others,

Jen Sapel (she – her) ChFC® WMCP®

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