4 Biggest Mistakes in Personal Finance

  • Goals based planning:
    Think back to this day 10 years ago.  If I had asked you on that day what your life would look like today, is your life today exactly what you would have described?  For the vast majority of us the answer is no.  Life and people are not linear, your financial strategy shouldn’t be either.  You should have a secure financial foundation regardless of the changes and evolutions life brings.

  • Not having adequate disability income insurance:
    Your income is what drives your ability to create wealth, without it, all your financial endeavours suffer.  If you fully insure to replace your car or home, why not your income?

  • Tracking rate of return as a measure of success:
    Your investment rate of return is important but it is not the most important financial measure.  Your net worth is a much better benchmark to financial health and your savings/investment rate can be more important than your rate of return.

  • Choosing tactics without a strategy:
    Almost everyone we see has made a series of financial decisions along the way. Perhaps you are contributing to a 401k or retirement plan at work, you have opened a 529 plan to fund college for your children and you’ve purchased homeowners and other insurance coverages along the way. Each of these decisions is a tactical financial decision. We find that without having an overarching strategy, these decisions can cost you millions of dollars over time.

Through a series of 3-4 meetings over a period of 30-60 days, you will get: 

  • A clear picture of your financial inventory

  • Knowledge of where you are hitting home runs and where you have room for improvement

  • A solid financial strategy that works in all economic conditions

  • A prioritized action plan

  • Access to a client portal that will keep you organized and track your progress

Once we set you down the right path we will meet regularly for maintenance checks and as needed when things change; like reviewing a new employee benefit package.

Because most of our clients are busy professionals, we offer web-based meetings you can take from the comfort of your home, office or hotel.    

Generally we charge 1% of before tax household income with a minimum of $800 and cap of $3500.  Some of the financial tools we recommend we also offer directly.  A few examples of these offerings are disability insurance, long term care insurance, and investment management.  For these, we work with dozens of companies to find the best fit for your situation.  Other recommendations will require you to work with outside professionals like an attorney or auto & home insurance specialist.


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Being financially confident is within everyone’s reach yet according to a Guardian study only 21% of people claim to have achieved it.  This quick 3 step guide will put you on the path to confidence an in control so you can use your money to live your version of your best life.

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