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From employee benefits to exit strategies, we build a plan for all.

The enterprise and the wealth you generate in this lifetime requires care and attention.  It also should be enjoyed both now, in your future and beyond your lifetime if you so choose.  To take advantage of all the financial strategies available to you, you need a multi-disciplinary team that collaborates for your benefit.  Our role on the team is cash flow focused.  We take a forward looking approach to protect your business from cash flow interruptions, stop inefficient leakage and effectively build and move wealth from the business balance sheet to your personal balance sheet.



  • Advanced Charitable Strategies & Qualified Split Interests in the Tax Code

  • Recapitalization & Retained Earnings Rescue Strategies

  • Accelerated Depreciation Strategies, Cost Segregation and Tax Credit Analysis

  • Continuity, Succession, Exit Planning, and the Sale of Your Business

  • Uncommon Strategies Unlocking Illiquid Assets for Capital Growth (Real Estate, Options, etc)

  • Asset Protection and Tax Strategies for Entity and Trust Design

  • Executive Non-Qualified Benefits & Deferred Compensation (COLI)

  • Taking Full Advantage of TEFRA/TAMRA Funded Executive Life Insurance