Each week we talk to people who think they are financially “behind.” 

People who wished they would’ve bought a house or rental property 3-5 years ago when they were considering it.  People who have money sitting in bank accounts that were about to invest last January only to be scared off when the pandemic started, and now feel “behind” in what could have been better performance.

Even if not financially, the pandemic has most of us feeling behind in one way or another. 

Our home office setup isn’t quite perfected…

We’ve gained the Covid 15(lbs) and are behind in our exercise routine…

Our kids are behind in their school curriculum…

It’s perfectly natural to feel behind, especially in a society that loves to chart progress like this pediatric growth curve:

Helpful?  Sure.

Reality?  Nope!

Life, just like this CDC chart, has large curvy tendencies, but no single boy’s growth journey will follow this curve exactly.

What individual growth looks like is a little messier and a lot less smooth.  Something like….

So be kind to yourself, you’re likely not behind.  You could be here and need to be reminded of how far you’ve come.

Or perhaps you’re here, on the cusp of a “growth spurt,” but you can’t yet see that the big progress is right in front of you.

You are right where you are supposed to be so take a deep breath, be grateful for the journey that brought you to this point, and keep moving forward – one tiny step at a time.