Our global financial system is highly complex, your financial life doesn’t have to be.

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Hello beautiful human,

You’re here because you need help but where to start seems overwhelming and finding someone you trust, near impossible.

Even worse, you’ve met or worked with a financial professional or two and have walked away from those meetings more confused or frustrated then you went into them.

After two decades of this work, and a lot of life, here are a few pillars important to our work with clients:

  • Financial skills are like any other skills (brushing your teeth or driving a car – nobody is good at it when they first start) and that’s ok.  Start somewhere and make progress.
  • While all financial decisions can be quantified one way or another, there is no one right way to build, protect, or enjoy wealth.  What’s right for you may look different than your uncle or neighbor.
  • Systems, not products, affect how to meet your financial goals 
  • And finally, speaking of systems, money is one of the only areas of self care where you can automate almost everything, pretty easily.  

Don’t let another year go by with important financial questions lingering, and don’t settle working with a professional that’s not right for you. 


Financial Planning

A 3 step process designed to show you what is financially possible and choose a clear path to achieve it.

Impact Investing

Pursue your financial goals and a more sustainable world through impact investing.

Our Advisors

Jenifer Sapel, ChFC™WMCP™

I’ve done my fair share of wrestling with money.  Growing up, it was a subject wrapped in a lot of mystery and stress.  As a type A first born, I initially went to the other extreme, dedicated to conquering it, I bought my first home at 21 years old and  pursued finance professionally.

Carol Parrish, RICP®

You’ve probably heard “Life is a team sport”. Like a coach, I build a team for each client, to help create and execute a financial playbook customized to their needs and goals.  It doesn’t matter if they’re a rookie or an all-star, we provide the right equipment and game plan for them to win.

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4 Lies about Retirement

1. Retirement is an age or a year.  First, I’m not a huge fan of the word retirement but that’s a rant for another time.  Almost no one retires the year or age they plan to whether job change, health change or global pandemic.  Also, what other...

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