Utor Wealth

Utor (Latin) Verb 

1) to use, to employ  2) to enjoy, take advantage of
3) to experience, undergo, encounter 

Financial planning, investment and insurance management to help you use money to build a meaningful life you enjoy.

Retirement Planning

 We will show you how to confidently coordinate your assets to provide predictable income and give you options for managing risks like healthcare, taxes, inflation, and market volatility. This consultation and analysis is a one-time fee of $3000.

Investment Management

Regimented portfolio design with an emphasis on your goals/use, diversification, risk management, tax management and impact investing. We will do a complimentary analysis of your existing portfolio and charge typically 1.25% or less for account management.


Financial Planning

For those wanting financial confidence in their total financial picture including funding college, paying off debt, preparing for retirement and everything in between. We charge a flat fee based on complexity, generally between $3,000 –  $10,000.  


Insurance Brokerage

We’ll help you find the right coverage to ensure you, your family, your employees and your business are taken care of in event you experience the worst case scenarios.  There’s no additional fees, the only cost is insurance premiums. 


About Our Team

Jenifer Sapel, ChFC™WMCP™

Jenifer Sapel, ChFC™WMCP™

I’ve done my fair share of wrestling with money.  Growing up, it was a subject wrapped in a lot of mystery and stress.  As a type A first born, I initially went to the other extreme, dedicated to conquering it, I bought my first home at 21 years old and  pursued finance professionally to continually demystify the topic.

After nearly two decades as a financial services professional, I’ve come to realize that most of what we see and learn about personal finance are a series of quantifiable do’s and don’ts.  Many financial plans are just elaborate spreadsheets projecting different scenarios in the future.  These are helpful tools that often fall short of acknowledging that life looks more like a garden, with different needs and different seasons, than it does a tidy excel spreadsheet.  This thinking frames our financial philosophy:  be prepared & flexible, focus on systems and strategies instead of products, and where ever possible, be kind to the earth and humanity as well.

Along with Utor Wealth, I’m a master of one liners, poet, podcaster, athlete, reader, philosopher, and lover of the Pacific Ocean.  My husband, two boys under age 4, and dogs (Jack and Jill) and I all live on a few acres in the beautiful & cloudy Pacific Northwest. 

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Carol Parrish, RICP®

Carol Parrish, RICP®

You’ve probably heard “Life is a team sport”. Like a coach, I build a team for each client, to help create and execute a financial playbook customized to their needs and goals.  It doesn’t matter if they’re a rookie or an all-star, we provide the right equipment and game plan for them to win

We expect that after engaging with us on their financial priorities, clients are more confident in their decisions moving forward.  We provide systems and tools that can save you time and energy, freeing you up to enjoy other aspects of life. In turn, these may remove doubt about what is possible and what options are available

I am proud to have earned my Retirement Income Certified Professional designation (RICP.)  Before that, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Washington, followed by a master’s degree in Sports Management from The Ohio State University.   

I enjoy spending family time with my husband and two children, which usually involves watching or playing softball, basketball and football. We also cheer for the Seahawks, Huskies and Mariners!” WCG-21-0129

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