Our global financial system is highly complex. Your financial life doesn’t have to be.

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What Clients have to say…

Working with Jen has completely changed the way I think about money and make financial decisions.  Since working with her, I’ve taken career moves I wouldn’t have otherwise, paid off debt, purchased two homes, and increased our savings and investment account balances.  We do all these things with confidence now knowing that we have a competent and compassionate advisor in our corner.

-Ashley, client since 2018

 I interviewed a litany of advisors before finding Jenifer.  All advisors seem to have a limited sphere of vision or understanding. It’s like they find a discrete system and then specialize within narrow parameters.  They seemed to be all simple market, cookie cutter allocations into bonds and equities.  Jen will listen to your specific needs and interests and tailor allocations to, and for you.  She will gladly explain things well, and in my case, multiple times.  She also looks to the future of investing, not simply what has worked in the past, a discipline which I believe will benefit me and my portfolios.  I’m more than happy, to have chosen her in my search, I’m fortunate.

-David, client since 2020


“ I just want to say grateful thank you for your partnership, leadership, crystal clear communication, and expectation setting. It’s a pleasure and an honor to work with you.I also appreciate all the humor, understanding, and patience as you work with different styles and get your clients onboarded to a newer, better ways of thinking wholistically.It is quite a great feeling to know that we are in such competent hands.”

– Sonal, client since 2021

I run a social impact business and care a lot about how our current financial system is inequitable. Managing to grow within a system while trying to improve it is tough, and Jenifer completely understands how to close the gap between what I value and how to grow my impact through my financial choices and planning. Her financial savvy and values integrity makes her approach to financial planning and financial well-being unique, nuanced, and refreshing, especially if you care about the way your money impacts the world. Couldn’t recommend a better person for anyone’s financial future planning!

– Christina, client since 2020


Advocacy Investing

If you’re a conscious consumer and forgo unnecessary plastic usage or excess packaging when you can, you may have mixed feelings about how your investments are contributing to a more/less sustainable planet. ESG investing (Environment, Social,...

3 Seats

Recently I was fortunate to be selected to attend an intimate gathering of women from all over the world to discuss how to best use money (capital, for us, finance folks) to create a world that is less violent and more equitable than our existing...

What’s Long Term Care?

Most of the time when people hear long-term care they think, of insurance or nursing homes.  So let’s start by clarifying..... Long-term care is simply, chronic care (as opposed to acute care).  The chronic distinction is important because medical...

Retire the word retire

I’ve found that in my almost 2 decades of working with people, no one has really liked the word retire.  We retire old socks or worn-out tires, let’s not retire people the same way.  Gaining popularity instead is the term financial independence,...

Jeans shopping

I’m not a huge fan of shopping in general but jeans are in the top 3 list of least fun items to shop for.  You can spend so many hours, try several different stores, and still…. Finding the right fit, the right level of comfort, at the right price...


My great-grandparents were dairy farmers and I was lucky to see and remember the house my grandmother grew up in.  Nothing that today’s family of 7 would consider comfortable, the outhouse from the time prior to indoor plumbing still stood, unused,...

Money & Relationships

A few examples of how money and relationships can be complicated…. Two working spouses deciding who will take the primary care role for children, or steps away from work, while the other leans more heavily into career Parents answering children’s...

Stock investing simplified

Magnify Money did a survey of 1000 Americans, equally proportioned among baby boomers, millennials, and gen X, and found that 60% of them felt anxiety when considering whether or not to invest in stocks. Allow me to offer an analogy in an attempt...

Gender Metrics Portfolio

Have you ever purchased something that makes you wonder how you survived without it before?  Every time I discuss this new stock portfolio we are now offering; I wonder why it took so long to develop it.  I keep thinking…. We know that biodiversity...

Financial Women in History

As we close out Women’s History Month, allow me to share a few historic women who have made significant financial contributions to the world. Katherine Dexter McCormick Born in 1875 into a prominent family she essentially single-handedly funded the...

Meet Jen

Jenifer Sapel, ChFC™WMCP™

My interest in personal finance is rooted in the drastic change in my childhood after my parent’s divorce. Money went from being a non-issue to the elephant in every room and I became fascinated with finance and its power to alter life trajectories.

My work is focused on helping women make confident financial decisions.  It’s common for even the most competent and high-earning professionals to second-guess their financial power and ability.  

With the right team and support, women making confident financial and investment decisions create homes full of possibility and healthier communities and economies.  

Outside of this business, I keep busy working toward an inclusive economy with a community of like-minded women, and advising Nav.it – a financial wellness app for enterprises.  

I’m a Chartered Financial Consultant, Wealth Management Certified Professional, and a CSRIC professional and I look forward to assisting you, wherever you are in your financial journey.


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A 3 step process designed to show you what is financially possible and choose a clear path to achieve it.

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Pursue your financial goals and a more sustainable world through impact investing.